Comfort for strangers

“Keep looking for distraction

Tonight we live in fiction

In your arms I hide away”

Comfort of Strangers- Bastille

Do you know when a song resonates deep with you that you just feel is a match made in heaven? 

This one came at a perfect moment in time and while it can have different meanings, to me personaly there’s only one.

How ever, I wanted to open with the most subjective line in it. Well I’m pretty sure all forms of arts are subjective, while I’m seeing red , you might be seeing blue…

What is comfort anyways and why we seek for it so desperately?

Most times we fail in the attempts of pursuing it. 

Distraction and Fiction are the perfect doors to scape from everyday reality. Crazy times calls for desperate measures.

After all, we all need a safe place, Arms to hide away .

Find comfort in a stranger, we are all wanders wondering why…


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