“Started running and I didn’t look back

Still feel the same way

Still don’t know where I’m going”

You can’t look back – Taking Back Sunday


Why is our gut instic to runaway from problems?Why do we like to scape from the heavy things? Why do we enjoy easy living so much?

A lot things have been clouding up my mind lately, whether is work or life, something’s on my way. Most of my friends would describe me as the most rational and center person on earth. I’m always their voice of reason, but lately I’ve lost my light.

There’s too much to care or think, the heavy weight of living or the Middle age crisis, even when there’s not such thing.

So I started runing, or at least try; two days in a row “successfully” I know….

And while I hurted my back trying to control my dog more than getting in shape. Runing did made lose tension.

There’s something about it that makes you feel free, the breeze,the air, the smell of the sea, how can you not feel at peace while at it?

I certainly did, but honestly, that didn’t make the issues and the worries on my mind go away. Bottom line is, we can’t runaway from our problems or from ourselves.
We can try, sure! But at the end of the day when the thrill of freedom is gone, everything comes back to us.

We can only try to scape for so long, empty our minds and try to find the light again.

But knowing that eventually we’ll have to face reality.
So for now I’m runing, but I’m not trying to scape like I was. I’m emptying my mind so I can start again.

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